New ‘Cars 2′ TV Spot

February 21st, 2011 | Posted in Movies

Welcome back to Pixar Fanboy! The site has been dormant for a while, but I’m gearing up to keep the content flowing and working on creating some community features so we can all share our love of Pixar! As you all know, Cars 2 comes out in the states on June 24th, and a brand new TV spot recently aired during the Daytona 500. Check it out!

What did you think? Are you pumped up about Cars 2?


Planes Direct to DVD Film Being Made by DisneyToon Studios

July 20th, 2010 | Posted in News

This past week the Pixar-related interwebs were a flutter with talk of a DVD Cars spinoff called Planes. I didn’t post anything about it because I thought it sounded pretty crazy. Surely Pixar wouldn’t stoop to the lows that Disney did a few years ago with all the direct-to-dvd sequels they were churning out. Luckily, they’re not.

SlashFilm reports that Planes is actually being developed by DisneyToon Studios. While it’s stil disappointing that Pixar (and John Lasseter specifically) would allow Disney to use their characters in these sequels, at least it’s not being produced at Pixar. And I’ll say it. At least it’s just Cars.

PS – The image above is a joke, just used for illustrative purposes


Ratatouille Getting the 3D Treatment?

July 14th, 2010 | Posted in News

Oh great. It seems Pixar is working on converting Ratatouille and other library titles to 3D for re-release in theaters. I understood why they did this for Toy Story 1 and 2 (in anticipation for Toy Story 3), but I don’t see the need to do this with all of their films. I am not a big fan of 3D, and I really only see it as a way for movie studies to squeeze extra dollars out of the hands of movie-goers. I can’t think of one movie I’ve seen in 3D where afterwards I was glad I paid the extra money, and I’ve seen quite a few. The only experience I think benefitted from 3D was the recent Day & Night short.

Regardless, I would probably go see this just for the chance to see Ratatouille in theaters again. The same would go for Finding Nemo, which sadly, is the only Pixar film I didn’t see in theaters. What’s your opinion on this? Do you love 3D, hate it, or not really care one way or the other? Sound off!

Via SlashFilm

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Pixar Etsy Roundup

July 13th, 2010 | Posted in Merchandise

Etsy is a great place to find handmade goods from people all over the world. One of the fun things about a crafty community that large is that you can find items based on your favorite pieces of art or pop culture. Every once in a while I get on there and try to find a bunch of cool stuff, and this time I thought it would be worth sharing some Pixar Etsy Goodies!

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Toy Story 3 Review and Site Update

June 30th, 2010 | Posted in Movies

You may be wondering why I haven’t been updating the site much lately. Well, I’ll fill you in in just a second, but first, here are my thoughts on Toy Story 3.

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Japanese Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear Viral Ad

April 26th, 2010 | Posted in Uncategorized

Everyone has already talked about the first (genius) viral ad Pixar created for Lots-o’-Huggin Bear, but Amid over at Cartoon Brew pointed this Japanese version out, and I had to share.

Pixar is really being creative with their viral marketing for Toy Story 3, I’m loving it!


Pixar Pook-a-Looz

April 3rd, 2010 | Posted in Toys

No, Pixar Pook-a-Looz isn’t a crazy festival I’m having in my backyard or a dance I invented. Pook-a-Looz are the new, cute, urban-inspired plush toys from Disney featuring 30+ characters, including my favorites above, Woody and Buzz.

The Pook-a-Looz are around $12, so I’m going to at least pick up Woody and Buzz. They also have all the classic Disney characters, as well as some from Nightmare Before Christmas and The Muppets. As far as I know, Woody and Buzz are the only two Pixar Pook-a-Looz, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

What other Pixar Characters would you love to see in Pook-a-Looz form? My first two choices would be Mike Wazowski and Sully from Monsters, Inc.


Henry Selick Comes to Disney/Pixar

April 1st, 2010 | Posted in News

Wow, at first I thought this was an April Fools Day joke, but then I realized it would only be a prank to animation geeks like me. It looks like Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and Coraline, is setting up shop at Disney/Pixar to create new films and adapt more literary works.

Variety claims he will be at Emeryville, but it’s unclear if his films will be under the Disney or Pixar banner. Hopefully we’ll find out soon!


Get Toy Story 1 & 2 on Blu-ray for $2 Each

March 26th, 2010 | Posted in Home Video

Have you picked up Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Blu-ray yet? If so, you’re probably going to wish you hadn’t, because if you jump through some hoops you can score both for less than $7, plus get 2 free movie tickets good for Toy Story 3. How so? Read on.

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Pixar Fanboy is Back

March 25th, 2010 | Posted in News

Just some quick site news. I’ve been busier than ever lately, and I’ve been having trouble fitting Pixar Fanboy into my schedule, but I think I’m ready to pick up posting again. The one thing I definitely do not want to do is just regurgitate Pixar news that other blogs have posted already, so I’m going to try and find some unique posts to make here. I might consider trying a Pixar podcast too, but who knows. Feel free to leave some comments if you have any ideas for the site!

In the meantime, you should check out my newest blog, Animation on Blu-ray. It features news, reviews, and a complete release schedule and database of all animated Blu-ray titles! I didn’t get any review copies of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Blu-ray, but I should be picking them up soon and reviewing them.

See you soon!

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